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"Only ten percent of Information Technology investments meet or exceed
the original business requirement and seventy percent of projects
fail totally."
from The Critical Factors for Information Technology Investment Success

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  1. Project Management is NOT about policing the project based on a plan cast in stone.
  2. Executing the plan is NOT the main objective of a project; delivering on specification, on time and within budget is.
  3. The plan WILL change.
  4. A Managed change in the plan does NOT translate into scope creep.
  5. Plan changes are in no ways synonymous with not making targets.

Our ability to embrace, manage and communicate project plan changes is what sets us apart from other project management offerings.

We have Project Management experience in excess of eighteen years managing projects with budgets in excess of R7milion in a multi project environment. Although we can provide project management as a separate entity, we have the knowledge, skills & experience to (and often do) provide software engineers, systems analysts, software architects and designers for the same project.

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We have extensive experience in Project Management applying many methodologies and project management tools. We have found most of these methodologies to be advantageous for the most part and to a significant degree.

Yet, we have on occasion found the same methodology applied to two similar projects to have very different outcomes! Even more perplexing are the projects that we have rescued from certain failure without changing the methodology, tools or project team for that matter!

True to our philosophy, we have found that successful project management does not lie in the knowledge or even experience of project management methodologies alone. It is deeply rooted in the ability to lead people and manage the changes that are inherently part of the Software Development Life Cycle.

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We have found many highly qualified and accomplished project managers that are outstanding at drawing up a project plan but that do not recognize that:

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A Few DQi Projects
  • Distributed, international online performance management application for Cadbury Schweppes PLC. (rescue)
  • The Embedded Control Systems part of the Cape Town Metropolitan Counsel Y2K project, the first Metropolitan Counsel in South Africa to be certified Y2K ready.
  • A unique batch control system for the Polifin peroxide plant in Sasolburg; one of the very few peroxide plants in the world not to have a fatal accident since commissioning the system in 1992.
  • The Polifin SAP data migration project established as an emergency measure when the data migration of the SAP implementation project were posing a project critical risk enabling the SAP to be commissioned on time.
  • Various project management methodologies for various companies resulting in consistently delivering projects within time, quality and budgetary constraints.
  • The Eskom Strategic Sourcing Savings Methodology for two regions resulting in a savings of R357m (target R239m).
  • Repairing the hardware and software of a RFiD system for Versapak. (Rescue)
  • Upgrading of the AvinMeritor Navision ERP financials system and implementing the rest of the Navision ERP system.
  • An airlines booking system for Intensive Air (OSCAR).
  • A production tracking and supply chain management system (SkinTrace) for the leather processing and marketing sections of Klein Karoo Corporation.
  • Database application framework that allows for the delivering of custom applications at a fraction of the usual cost and a minimal time to market.
  • Replacement of the Polifin Peroxide SCADA and batching system.
  • Replacement of the Polifin Vynide SCADA system and the design and implementation of a batching system.
  • Installation of a SCADA system and the design of a telemetry system for the Distribution division at the Polifin Midland site in Sasolburg.
  • Design of a Data Warehouse and an InTouch SCADA system to provide site wide real time process monitoring for the Midland Site of Polifin.
  • A distributed database application to automate the take on and verification of SAP master inventory data for the Midland site of Polifin. The project included the management of the data collection process itself and cut down the initial verification run time from 4hours to less than 2 minutes.
  • The installation of a FDDI backbone and switching equipment for the Midlands site of Polifin. All disciplines such as Civil, Cabling, Electrical, Information Technology, etc. were included, many of which were provided by subcontractors.
  • Design and implementation of a SCADA and batch control system to control the Proxide plant at the Polifin Midland site in Sasolburg.
  • Project managed the design and implementation of a SCADA system with recipe handling capabilities to control the Vynide plant at the Polifin Midland site in Sasolburg.
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